The Termination in Covid-19 Daily Growth Rate in Iran (Part 2)

28 December 2020 | 14:21 Code : 1532 News Important News

Surveys show that fortunately, the increasing trend of the average daily recovery rate in Iran has continued, where it fell down from 0.55% in September to 0.65% in October, and in succeed, to 0.99% in November and in December to 1.37%. Also, the increasing trend of the average daily death rate of the country has decreased significantly (0.67%), i.e. half of this amount in November. Worthy of mentioning, the average daily death rate was 0.6% in September, 0.83% in October and 1.13% in November.

Thus, Iran with an average daily death rate of 0.67% in December and among the other countries at the same time (13 countries where the spread of the disease occurred almost simultaneously: China, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, USA, France, Iran, Canada, Britain, Germany, Pakistan and Italy) stood at the bottom of the list. Meanwhile, Spain average daily death rate is 0.47%, Brazil 0.35% and China 0%. Also, Germany with 2.17%, Turkey with 1.36% and Russia with 1.23% are at the top of daily death rate. in November, Russia and France with 1.17 percent, Germany with 1.15 percent and Iran with 1.13 percent were at the top. It is hoped that the efforts and plans made by the authorities to further reduce the death toll will continue.

Figure 1 shows the prevalence of the disease in concurrent countries with a patient population of less than 2 million by the end of December. The horizontal axis represents the day and in fact the statistics shown are related to the last 6 months (July 1st to the end of December) and the vertical axis is the patient population. In Figure 1, these countries are Spain, Germany, Iran, Canada, Pakistan and China, respectively. As can be seen in this chart, Iran has always had an uninterrupted upward trend with a relatively constant slope during the last 6 months.

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