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The Termination in Covid-19 Daily Growth Rate in Iran (Part 1)

27 December 2020 | 10:07 Code : 1531 News Important News

Data extracted from ISC COVID-19 Visualizer shows the increasing average daily growth rate trend of the patients in Iran, which started in September and elevated from 0.59% to 0.84% in October and then to 1.41% in November, has paused and decreased to 1.13% In December.       

The increasing trend of the affected population in the last few months, shows a large increase in each month compared to the previous month. While the increase in the population of patients was about 120000 people in October (from 425481 people to 545286 people), this has been increased to 280 thousand people in November (545286 people to 828327) and to 330 thousand people in December (Increased from 828327 to 1158384). Thus, an average of 2,500 people a day in September, increased to more than 4,500 people in October, and later, to 9,400 people in November and to 11,000 people a day in December. If this trend of the disease continued according to November, with an average daily growth of 1.41 percent at the end of December, the population of the infected in the country would have reached more than one million and 300 thousand people, while according to the plan and restrictions this number has reached one million and 160 thousand people.

Globally, the average daily growth rate of the disease in November compared to December shows a decrease in Germany (from 2.83% to 1.75%), Italy (from 3.73% to 1.25%), Britain (from 2.11% to 1.1%), (France) from 2.67% to 0.54% and Spain (from 1.41% to 0.45%). Therefore, the decreasing performance of the average daily growth of Iran's disease from 1.41% to 1.13% in comparison with these countries is not very satisfactory and requires more effort. Meanwhile, the average daily growth of the prevalence of the disease in the world has decreased from 1.12% in November to 0.97% in December.

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