EV Technology Unveiled on CSP

17 April 2024 | 14:38 Code : 2268 News


       The 1st Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Event held at the permanent location of international exhibitions (Persian Gulf) on March 7, 2024 was officially inaugurated on Challenges and Solutions Platform (CSP) according to the ISC Public Relations Office.

Dr. Abbas Aliabadi, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, Dr. Sajjad Mohammadalinezhad, the Deputy Minister for Technology and Innovation of MSRT, Dr. Menochehr Manteghi, the Deputy Minister of Transportation Industries and Dr. Seyyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh, the ISC President along with multiple knowledge-based vehicle-manufacturing companies attended this prestigious event.   

Dr. Manteghi addressed the event and pinpointed the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade’s perspective on the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem and elucidated the enhancing role of knowledge-based companies in industrial section. “Electric vehicle technology is recently deemed significant in economy, innovation and the contingent value added in national production”, he announced.          

Furthermore, he compared EV state-of-the-art technology advancements in leading countries like India, Turkey, South Korea, China and South Africa to portray their technology potentials and long-term goals. Dr. Manteghi highlighted the role of EV in Iran and the expectations aroused by this technology of his Ministry to pave the way for knowledge-based companies to expand their scope of influence.          

Next, Dr. Fazelzadeh, the ISC President, announced that Challenges and Solutions Platform (CSP) was launched by ISC in 2022 with an emphasis on completing the chain of science, technology and innovation with society’s urgent needs, government and private sectors, researchers and innovative knowledge-based companies, science and technology parks and growth centers to provide them with a common platform to interact and collaborate. “CSP was approved by the Supreme Council of MSRT and the National technology and innovation platform by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution”, he expressed.         

“Electric Vehicle technological platform registered on Challenges and Solutions Platform (CSP) was inaugurated as a result of the effective collaboration between ISC and the Deputy Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade. Technology-based needs of knowledge-based companies are directly addressed in CSP, and individuals are provided with the opportunity to register their idea proposals here”, he continued.

The ISC President advanced to introduce CSP and its legal background adding that this platform could have much to contribute to bridging the gap between needs and ideas proposed by knowledge-based companies.        

This innovative technology currently registered on CSP contributes to the followings: development of the advanced technology to design and produce national EV and charging stations, domestication of its related technology, reduction of the share of transportation in energy consumption specifically fossil fuels and the establishment of related standards in terms of energy supply and charging stations. EV technological platform on CSP can be reached via https://ev.nan.ac.

Presenting the latest statistical report on CSP, Dr. Fazelzadeh mentioned: “14211 proposals have been registered on this platform by 2024.03.05 including 11733 needs and 2478 ideas”.

Bridging the gap between needs and ideas on CSP has led to concluding legal contracts. For instance, Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex and Shahid Sattari Innovation Center concluded 59 contracts, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Technology and Science Park 38, Yazd Park 25, and North Khorasan Park 25.     

The ISC President introduced the standards establishment of Digital Object Recognizer (DOR) for CSP and maintained: “DOR is a unique designator assigned to a wide range of entities including documents, artifacts, and researchers. It thus functions as an entity’s online fingerprint. The designation of DOR facilitates the indexing process and increases the visibility of a given object. Currently, 330.000 entities have received DOR on the web. Hence, designating DOR helps identify intellectual property and reduce plagiarism possibility”.

Finally, a videoclip of the EV Technological Platform on CSP was presented and the platform inaugurated.

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