Posed in The 16th ISC biannual meeting of the Steering Committee

The Unveiling of Iran Khodro's Portal in INP During Research and Technology Week

19 November 2023 | 13:29 Code : 2166 News Important News

The 16th biannual meeting of the Steering Committee of the Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC) held with the presence of Dr. Khosro Panah, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Dr. Zulfi Gol, Minister of Science, Research and Technology and Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Aliabadi, from the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, as well as Dr. Seyed Ahmed Fazelzadeh, ISC president and the secretary of the Committee and other legal and real members of the steering committee of ISC on November 18th.

Dr. Abbas Aliabadi, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, said in this meeting: “We have had successful experiences in the connection between industry and universities in MAPNA group, and we are using these successful experiences in the Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade. In the strategic plans of the industry, mining and trade special emphasis placed on the development of export-oriented knowledge-based industry, and in this regard, Ideas and Needs Platform (INP) can play an effective role as a bridge between industry and university. Until we realize the capacities of our knowledge in industries, we cannot follow its effectiveness.

He also added regarding the effectiveness of articles: “Until the results of an article are seen in industry, that article cannot be considered effective. For example, we are the third gas turbine manufacturer in the world, which is the result of the scientific efforts of researchers and university professors. INP can be effective in directing research in order to meet the needs of the country and making research more effective.

Dr. Seyyed Ahmed Fazelzadeh, the president of ISC, announced the unveiling of Iran Khodro's special portal in INP during research and technology week. He said: “Iran Khodro's special portal, which was designed with the mutual cooperation of the Secretariat of INP and Iran Khodro Industrial Group will be unveiled during the research and technology week. All knowledge-based companies across the country can volunteer to cooperate with Iran Khodro Industrial Group in all different areas of modern technology by entering their details while registering in this platform.