I.R. of Iran ranked 1st in terms of the number Top 2% highly cited scholars among Islamic countries

09 October 2023 | 16:18 Code : 2160 News Important News

Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC), which is responsible for monitoring Iran and other Islamic countries’ science and technology based on scientometric analyses, provides the latest scientometric findings from various sources and authorities every year. In this way, while informing about the country's scientific performance and its latest developments, useful information is available to managers and trustees of S&T in Iran for planning and policy-making in order to encourage and strengthen the highlights of solutions while providing these solutions for shortcomings and challenges.

Some of these reports are based on the latest findings of the joint project of Elsevier (Scopus database) and a group of Stanford University scholars known as Stanford-Elsevier list of the world’s most-cited scholars.

The latest update of this database was published in October 2023. This list analyzed the citation performance of the authors for their published research outputs in the period from 1960 to 2022 in 22 main subject areas and 174 sub-areas, and based on this, the authors who are among the top 2% highly cited scholars in the world introduced.

In each edition, this database publishes two lists of 2% highly cited scholars. The difference between these two lists is analyzed in the time frame of citations: in one of the announced lists, the time frame of received citations is one year, and in the other list, the time frame of received citations is considered from 1996 onwards.

In the list published based on one-year citation performance in 2023, there are 2140 scholars with organizational affiliation of the Islamic Republic of Iran among the total number of 210198 international scholars. The Islamic Republic of Iran ranks first in terms of the number of top 2% of highly cited scholars among Islamic countries, while Turkey and Saudi Arabia rank second and third, respectively.

There are 869 scholars with the organizational affiliations of I.R. of Iran in the published list based on the citation performance during scientific service. Among the total number of 204,643 international scholars, Iran ranks second among Islamic countries in terms of the number of scholars after Turkey. In addition, Saudi Arabia ranks third.