ISC 2020 world university ranking published (part 1)

Raising the Presence Iranian Universities in 2020 Ranking
06 January 2021 | 11:08 Code : 1535 News Important News

ISC World Ranking 2020 has published in a virtual meeting with the presence of Dr. Khaki-Siddiq, MSRT Education Deputy Minister, and Dr. Mohammad Javad Dehghani, ISC President has announced. The "2020-ISC World Ranking" includes 2182 universities from 102 countries and 6 continents, of which 46 universities from Iran are in this ranking. There were 43 universities from Iran in 2019 ISC World Rankings.

In order to compare the scientific movement and performance of Iranian universities at the international level and according to the valuable experiences of ISC ranking department, ISC international ranking entitled ISC "World Ranking" "(ISC world University rankings) from 2018. One of the most important achievements of WUR is the creation of a complete details scientific and research information of countries and world-class universities database, as a result of which it is possible to plan and prepare a roadmap to achieve the goals and visions of Iranian universities that performs internationally.

World University Rankings are often a combination of information provided by ranking agencies and the information provided to these institutions based on the self-disclosure of universities. Finally, using this data, the universities ranks is calculated and announced without the universities having any detailed information about the details of this data and how to calculate them. Lack of access to this information makes higher education policy makers and university administrators unable to know how universities perform in different indicators.

In "ISC WUR”, a comprehensive database is obtained from the data of world universities and Iranian universities, which can be used to use short-term and long-term programs to improve the position of universities and higher education centers.

On the other hand, and due to receiving the institutes’ and universities’ information through “Self-Declaration forms”, there is no mere confidence in their data set and also the scores calculated by the ranking agencies, while the data collected in t ISC database is far more reliable, because in addition to being extremely accurate in its collection, most of this data is collected almost independently from reputable international databases and is free of self-disclosure. Therefore, while there are problems with lack of documentation and verification in other world rankings, the same issues have been resolved in ISC WUR.

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