ISC had a video-conference meeting with NIC of Yemen on potentials of scientific cooperation

18 July 2020 | 00:00 Code : 1427 News Important News

Islamic Science Citation Center (ISC) and National Information Center (NIC) of Yemen had a video-conference meeting on July 18, 2020 on potentials of cooperation on science and research affairs.

At the beginning of the meeting, a brief history of ISC was presented by Dr. Mohammad Javad Dehghani, the president of ISC. “The establishment of Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) has been approved by the Islamic Conference of the Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research (ICMHESR) in a meeting held by ISESCO in 2008 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. Since then, Islamic universities and research institutes are required to cooperate with ISC”, Dehghani said.

He added: “Based on the ratification of Development Council of Higher Education in Iran ministry of science, research and technology, the establishment of ISC has been approved in 2008. Currently, all ISESCO member countries, including Southeast Asia, Arab countries, African non-Arab Islamic countries, Central Asia and the Caucasian Regional countries, and other Islamic countries in the Middle East, Europe and South America have been covered by ISC.”

Dehghani declared: “As an international scientific organization, ISC has ranked universities and research institutes in Iran and in the Muslim world. It published Islamic World University Rankings in 2013. Building on the past experiences, ISC published ISC World University Rankings in 2018 and 2019. ISC World University Ranking is done according to four indicators, i.e. research, education, international activity and innovation”.

In the following, Dr. Mohammad Reza Falahati Qadimi Fumani, director of the Office of International Scientific Cooperation, head of the President's Office and consultant to the president of RICeST and ISC presented ISC services to the representatives of NIC. “Workshops are one of the most effective methods of learning which ISC holds for the purpose of making researchers and universities acquainted with ISC services, databases and products”, Falahati said. He also suggested to have these workshops held online for NIC of Yemen.

One of the products of ISC presented by Dr. Falahati was JCR, i.e. Journal Citation Reports ( through which users and researchers can get informed of different categories of journals in addition to excluded journals from ISC, predatory and hijacked journals and fake publishers. Falahati explained: “This system has been designed based on international scientometric standards and can be used as a tool for scientific journals analysis and ranking based on content index. The journals have been categorized according to their scientific effectiveness and number of received citations.”

Thereafter OIC Science Performance Observatory ( was introduced by Dr. Falahati. In this observatory, the latest scientific achievements of Islamic countries are accessible based on the information taken from ISI. This observatory contains various information about different countries including the number of scientific documents, the proportion in scientific documents of the world and the region, the rank in the world and the region based on the number of documents.

National Information Center (NIC) of Yemen has been established as a governmental organization in 1999. Its purpose is to build, maintain and develop a complete national system for the information, including a wide range of systematic and sub-systematic information. NIC can be benefited by ISC wide range of services for realization of which signing an MoU was discussed at the end of this video-conference meeting.

ISC had a video-conference meeting with NIC of Yemen on potentials of scientific cooperationISC had a video-conference meeting with NIC of Yemen on potentials of scientific cooperation

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