Department of Universities Ranking


Introduction to the Department

ISC Universities Ranking Department has been evaluating and ranking universities and research institutions of Iran since 2010, based on 26 indicators in five general criteria of research, education, international reputation, facilities, and social, economic, and industrial activities as the most important university missions. This department introduces ranking indicators to universities by holding relevant meetings, workshops, and seminars. Besides, by delineating the position of universities, the department helps them to plan and improve their scientific and social standing.

Department Responsibilities

·       Identifying target universities and research institutions, checking the probable changes in their titles and in the type of their scientific activities

·       Studying and analyzing ranking indicators and providing ranking
questionnaires to get feedbacks from universities and research institutions.

· Sending letters to all chancellors of universities and research institutions at the beginning of ranking process

·       Having constant communication with representatives of universities and research institutions, answering questions about ranking questionnaire and other probable questions about ranking process

·       Data entry (Azad Universities Case)

·       Extracting data from WOS Database for defining criteria of ISC ranking system

·       Receiving documents from universities and research institutions and comparing them with announced data

·       Data processing and statistical analysis to verify the sent information

·       Programming to complete ranking process and announcing its output

·       Announcing the output of ranking process and presenting the related reports

·       Studying different international, regional, and national ranking systems and presenting reports of their work

·       Following international and national news of ranking and presenting the related reports

·       Doing research work in ranking, e.g. book writing, essay writing, holding and attending in seminars, etc.

·       Giving suggestions for updating the website

·       Preparing regular reports of the status of universities of Iran in ISC, Islamic world, and international ranking systems to present to ministries and the parliament of Iran

·       Having cooperation with citation programming department to update the webpage of ranking department

·       Having regular meetings, workshops, and seminars related to ranking


      Head of the Depatment:                                                                                                                                                                

 Mansoureh Serati Shirazi (Dr.)

 PhD in Knowledge and Information Sciences

 Management Starting Date: June of 2018


Previous Managers:

Ms. Binesh

Ms. Sabet


Department Members:

Raziye Ghaffarizade (B.A in Knowledge and Information Sciences)

Marzieh Tohid (B.A in Computer Software Engineering)

Fateme Zare (A) (B.A in Knowledge and Information Sciences)


Contact Us

Telephone: 00987136468379





Last Update At : 23 November 2022