Department of Citation Analysis



   One of the main missions of this department is to identify and evaluate accredited scientific journals in Iran, Islamic countries and other countries in the world. With consideration of geographic and linguistic diversity of intended countries and also considering the difference in scientific level of different countries, the department has ratified and approved journals indexing regulation in ISC. On this basis, journals-as one of the most significant components of the science world- are valued annually in ISC and their status of promotion or demotion in rank is determined every year, for, the revision of journals is the principal pillar of the revision of scientific system.

   In order to enrich the quantitative and qualitative level of journals, they are evaluated based on the approved regulations and categorized into three lists of core journals, waiting list and master journals. It should be noted that the current journals in each list could be ascended or descended to other levels after periodical evaluations. In order to increase the quality of the evaluation process, ISC has extracted the methods and evaluation process of other credible citation databases and also has tried to standardize the methods of evaluation by adjusting and enhancing the indigenous and Islamic components.


1) Identifying credible journals of Islamic countries.

2) Identifying credible open access journals.

3) Identifying credible editors (Islamic countries, etc).

4) Evaluating the journals which have requested to be evaluated and indexed in different ways (e.g. through email, telephone, etc).

5) Extracting bibliographic information of journals.

6) Allocating main subject, sub subject and field to journals.

7) Communicating with editors-in-chief and journals experts to improve the quality of journals information and website.

8) Answering the clients and emails.

9) Doing other affairs asked by the manager.

10) Upgrading the quantitative and qualitative level of the indexed journals.

11) Periodic review of publications

12) Identifying invalid publications

13) Quality Enhancement of Journals

Head of Department:

 Marzieh Goltaji 

 PhD in Knowledge and Information Science

 Starting date of management: June 2018


Department Members:

Mahnaz Heidarpour, Research Expert (M.A in French Language and Literature)

Zahra Shakib, Research Expert (M.A in Knowledge and Information Science)

Fateme Abjadian, Research Expert (M.A in Knowledge and Information Science)

Somayeh Barzin, Research Expert (PhD in Arabic Language and Literature)

Najmeh Hamidifard  Research Expert(M. A. in English language)


The documents officially approving the membership of the editorial board members of the journal should be sent

The process of accepting journals for being indexed in ISC

After meeting ISC’s 15 basic requirements to enter the evaluation process (first stage), the journals are then assessed based on ISC Journal Indexing Regulationsthe criteria and indicators of which are classified and presented in ISC MJL Evaluation Form (second stage)

Definitely, journals obtaining ISC’s required score (75 and above) from ISC MJL Evaluation Form will then be assessed in Journals’ Evaluation Committee Meeting in ISC to receive the final acceptance of the committee for being indexed in ISC (third stage)

In the Journals’ Evaluation Committee Meeting, the score of factors such as geographical and organizational distribution of the editorial board members; the academic rank of the editorial board members; geographical and organizational diversity of the authors of the articles; the publication history of the journal; the detailed review of the last published issue; and, if necessary, the expert review of the journal, will be re-evaluated by the Journals’ Evaluation Committee members and this will definitely affect the journal’s acceptance in ISC and entering ISC Master Journal List 



Contact us:

Address: Islamic World Science Citation Center, Jam-e-Jam Ave, Jomhouri Eslami Blvd, Shiraz, IRAN.  Postal Code:  71946-94173   Email:   Phone: 98-71-36468017


Requirements for journals to enter the evaluation process

  1. Having an ISSN
  2. Owning an independent website (including all information about the journal)
  3. Having a publication history of at least 2 years
  4. Provision of publisher's full information in journal's website
  5. Publishing at least 6 articles in each issue and at least 24 articles per year.
  6. Timely and regular publication in accordance with the publishing period of the journal (No publication delay)
  7. Having a consistent and standard citation method in all articles
  8. Having at least 7 editorial board members
  9. Provision of contact information in the website (e-mail, phone number)
  10. Providing ISC with full-text articles
  11. At most up to 10% of articles (published per year) is allowed to be authored by the editorial board members, the editor-in-chief and the managing-editor of the journal.
  12. At most up to 25% of articles’ affiliations (published per year) is allowed to be allocated to the publisher of the journal.
  13. Transparent and clear peer-review process & policies
  14. Journal's clear anti-plagiarism policies
  15. Having Ethics policies & adherence (verifiable while including the necessary links)


     ISC MJL Evaluation Form

Journal Evaluation Process

Last Update At : 19 November 2022