Department of Citation Programming


Due to the increasing development of modern technologies in the software world, the need for software systems that are in line with this trend are more and more felt. Software development tailored to the needs of society and new technologies is on the agenda of the Citation Programming Department.

The main tasks of this group are the need for analysis, implementation, testing, analyzing and support for Windows and Web applications. One of the most important tasks in software development is to extract or analyze the requirements of that system. At this stage, incomplete, complex, and ambiguous and even contradictory requirements are identified by the group members.

 Implementation is a process by which requirements are converted into software code. Software testing and verifying is an integral part of the software process that takes a lot of time. In the process of testing and verifying, software system problems are identified and resolved. The deployment and delivery of the system will take place after having passed the appropriate and comprehensive tests and will be approved for publication.

Once the software system is built and is enabled to meet the needs of its users, it is time to maintain that software, and at any moment, software changes may be requested by the user, or even the software is faced with an unpredictable problem requiring the maintenance of the software. One of the most important activities of the Department can be programming of the database and the production of outputs tailored to the needs of the organization and society.

Other important activities of the Department are the evaluation, registration and indexing of conferences held in the country (whether national or international).


Senior Software Developer Team Lead

 Dr. Amin zare

 PhD in Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence

 E-mail: azare[at]

 Team Lead: Feb 2020-present




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 Engr. Zohreh Bostanian

 Computer Engineering- Artificial Intelligence 



 Engr. Majid Zare

 Computer Engineering- Artificial Intelligence 



 Engr. Naghmeh Sohrabian 

 Computer Engineering- Artificial Intelligence 



 Engr. Masoome Loghmani  Computer Engineering- Artificial Intelligence 2022  +9871368983



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Postal Address: Islamic World Science Citation Center, Jam-e-Jam Ave, Jomhouri Eslami Blvd, Shiraz , IRAN

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