About ISC


The establishment of Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC) has been approved by the Islamic Conference of the Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research (ICMHESR) in a meeting held by ICESCO in 2008 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. Since then, Islamic universities and research institutes are required to cooperate with ISC.

Based on the ratification of Development Council of Higher Education in Iran ministry of science, research and technology, the establishment of ISC has been approved in 2008. Currently, all ISESCO member countries, including Southeast Asia, Arab countries, African non-Arab Islamic countries, Central Asia and the Caucasian Regional countries, and other Islamic countries in the Middle East, Europe and South America have been covered by ISC.

Some of the major deeds of ISC since its opening are as the following:

  • Indexing all prestigious Islamic journals in all subject areas and languages to establish a scientific network among Islamic countries
  • Consistent assessment of  Islamic countries’ scientific network with the aim of their promotion
  • Consistent monitoring of countries’ scientific position (specifically Islamic countries) to inform about the gaps, weaknesses, and strengths in diverse scientific spheres
  •  Ranking and evaluating world universities, Islamic countries, and other countries as well, based on the approved indicators
  • Providing various scientific and technological reports from countries and specifically, Islamic universities. And holding promoting workshops on research effectiveness in universities and research institutes


ISC Vision and Mission

ISC strategic plan has been put to practice based on the evolution in world’s view upon Islamic countries rank in scientific paradigms. That happens due to ISC’s common aspects and outlandish properties with international synchronic centers and the quantitative and qualitative improvement in Islamic universities and research institutes. All these together with the fact that the main confronting population ahead of ISC are Islamic world researchers, universities and research institutes’ faculty members, and policy makers turns ISC’s policies into the following:

ISC as an international and creditable center has endeavored to support Islamic countries’ huge educational and research policies through providing, assessing, and updating research information using eligible human resources and advanced technology based on the last global standards to measure their scientometric activities.

ISC 2025 vision is to gain the scientometric leadership and assessment among Islamic countries and enjoying a high position and an alignment with the prestigious citation centers and ranking institute.

Last Update At : 19 August 2023