Reminder Notice about ISC Journal Archive Completion

18 October 2022 | 14:16 Code : 1881 Notifications

Reminder Notice about ISC Journal Archive Completion

Editors-in-chief and Journal managers are expressly requested to complete the archives of journals in the ISC database to facilitate the process of updating their ISC-indexed journal’s IF. Accordingly, it is absolutely necessary to complete journal archives and submit volume articles by May 21st, 2023 (End of Ordibehesht 1402). Unquestionably, calculating each journal’s IF would be impossible if its archive is not updated. Please consider the followings.

  1. It is a high priority to update 2019 to 2021 journal archives.
  2. You can visit the table of contents at to catch a glimpse of your journal archive. This way, volume list is available upon searching journal title. Finally, you will be able to complete and update the journal volume list through Fast XML Uploading System in XML or Excel formats.       
  3. Fast XML Uploading System facilitates submitting journal data available at
  4. ISC web service authorizes the direct submission of data from each journal’s website at the click of a mouse. 
  5. Make sure journal issue in archive section (tip number 2) on ISC website and also Fast XML Uploading System in “check result” section is indexed. Because sometimes due to an error, the journal issue will be rejected and need to be submitted again. 
  6. “A Workshop on Quality Enhancement and E-registration of Bibliographic Data Required by the ISC” held on May 17th, 2022 would provide you with insightful comments on error-free submission of data to ISC databases. The workshop is retrievable from:


  1. Digital Object Recognizer (DOR) is a unique designator assigned to a wide range of entities including documents, artifacts, and researchers. It thus functions as an entity’s online fingerprint. The designation of DOR facilitates the indexing process and increases the visibility of a given object. Since DOR is considered a unique advantage, all ISC-indexed journals are required to receive DOR for their volume articles as a provision for periodical evaluation. Therefore, receiving DOR is mandatory.
  2. Journals powered by Sinaweb, Yektaweb or Rimag will automatically receive DOR.
  3. In case any error occurs at the time of receiving DOR, please drop an email containing the journal’s web address, the username and password to ISC professionals will provide necessary settings and correct errors.   

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